Journalist on Instagram and Tiktok

Social Media is about dance and beauty, pictures and music, jokes and marketing. Yes.
But it can be more: a way to reach many people directly with information they can count on. Interesting stuff they want to know and discuss. So…

We are searching for an Africa-based on-camera-presenter and reporter (m/f/d) for our proposed Instagram and Tiktok channels on “VMMC” (voluntary medical male circumcision, the male circumcision campaign in Africa in the name of the fight against HIV).

About the Task

Teaching nurse in Kisumu, Kenya, arramges the slings that hold a baby's legs during male cirdcumcision. Photo: Ulli Schauen, February 2020
A teaching nurse in Kisumu, Kenya, arramges the slings that hold a baby’s legs during male cirdcumcision. Photo: Ulli Schauen, February 2020

The series is planned to present information and stories around the WHO- and US-sponsored circumcision campaign – including the pros and cons. This shall be done in a way that the media consumers in the 14 VMMC-targeted African countries (*see last sentence below) may appreciate and digest easily. Production will be based on well-researched data and follow professional ethics of journalism while it should be presented in an attractive and creative way adequate to the channels of distribution. The basis of the production of tiktok and instagram-series will be the existing audio and video material, recorded by Ulli Schauen, one of the team members, in Kenya. New stories may be added.

Profile of the Presenter:

  • Journalistically-minded and -experienced
  • Strong in fact-based reporting as opposed to opinion-based or sponsor-based reporting
  • Experienced with presenting in social media in a witty, creative and attractive way
  • Ability to bring in and pursue own content and visual ideas of research, shooting and presentation of the topic
  • Based in one of the 14 VMMC target countries*

The presenter will become part of our Ugandan-German team.

A youtube-channel, as well as content for other social-media, may also be added to the information series.



Income for the team including the presenter shall be raised through a crowdfunding to be started soon on the German-English crowdfunding platform

The share and payment method for the freelance presenter is therefore negotiable depending on the different roles of him/her and the other team members.

Work on the tasks involved shall commence late summer / fall 2022.

How to join

If we have raised your interest and you feel fit and motivated for the task, please send your application and CV to or reply to us through the social channels where we posted this job opening.

You may as well forward this text or the link to it to forums or any person who might be suitable or interested in the task. This is the link:

Your first Assignment

(*The presenter we search will know or find out if she/he is based in one of the countries, so we do not name those countries here.)